About Us

mniml.co.za is an online furniture retailer selling high quality self-manufactured and design-focused pieces in Gauteng, South Africa. All mniml.co.za products are meticulously handmade from premium materials and are manufactured in the capital city of Pretoria. mniml.co.za relishes in creating furniture that embodies minimalism and exudes modern design. mniml.co.za sees simplistic design as complimentary to nature and therefore in balance with the human experience. Pieces are crafted with human sensory interaction held in the utmost regard. Because our lives are made up of strings of sensory input, it makes sense that our constant interaction with our furniture should only enhance this experience. Which is why all the mniml ranges are made to evoke and amplify those little tactile, visual and olfactory pleasures.
Though all mniml’s products are timelessly designed, every range is updated yearly to remain ultra-modern and on-trend. mniml.co.za also offers a custom design service that is committed to meeting the bespoke needs of wholesale customers in the residential or commercial space.